Parent Organization Deccan Management Consultants has been into Human Resource and Manpower Management Consulting since 1971. As a complete solutions provider, DMC specializes in formulating, rationalizing, integrating and implementing Human Resource and Manpower management initiatives and has to its credit many successes in settling industrial disputes involving employer-employee relations. DMC has also established itself as a leading recruitment consultancy. Apart from being associated with the reputed names in industry, DMC has consistently been on advisory panels of several government and nongovernmental organizations.

DMC Finishing School ( DMCFS) is a training and development wing of DMC. DMCFS has evolved & has been successfully & professionally executing a concept of "finishing school" since 2006 under the brand name 'Mentor+'.This program focuses on providing pre- employment 'on-the-job' training & value added educational inputs to eligible candidates.

DMCFS has extensive experience and professional expertise in conducting the OJT coupled with theoretical inputs.It has received the approval from the Department of Employment and Self Employment Vocational Education Division of Higher and Technical Education Department,Government of Maharashtra.