Be a change-maker, invest in society.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model created with an intention of delivering 'change' in society.

Whenever a company earns beyond a prescribed profit rate, it becomes a statutory act to invest in CSR. By contributing a certain amount in the societal issues that are close to your company's core and are a part of your concerns, you choose to bring betterment in the society. It is an act of giving back to the society. Every company contributes in CSR in various ways. You can choose a sector in which you want to donate, depending upon your company's working, branching and involvement. This will make you conscious about the kind of impact you have on society and environment. This will give your company a positive and responsible facade. In this way you fulfil the expectations of public, stakeholders and shareholders. The biggest benefit of this approach is that, the corporate world is trying to curb the negative effects of the society.

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DMCFS Skill Foundation is a non-profit organization that collaborates with the companies to create social impact through direct implementation of CSR project that aims on tremendous development among the individuals and companies alike.


We deeply believe that the right partnerships have the ability to create an unceasing impact on the people and society as a whole. Hence, we would like to unite with the companies and organisations who believe in generating economical, societal and environmental changes.

We provide all kinds of CSR services such as

  • CSR Policy Formulation and Advisory,
  • Need / Baseline Assessment,
  • Project Conceptualization to field level,
  • Project Implementation,
  • Monitoring,
  • Evaluation and CSR Reporting and
  • Social Audit and Impact Assessment.

We create customized CSR strategies adhering to company’s core values, expertise, products, stakeholder expectations, Vision and Mission, to effective implementations of CSR leading to phenomenal changes.

Through our innovative and strategic approach we operate in varied fields like Quality Education, Livelihood Development, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, amongst many others.


DMCFS also undertakes various CSR projects where philanthropists and donors. Our organization assists in achieving goal, assures effective utilization of funds and also designs program as per essential requirements that would pave way to the positive changes. We help in appropriate use of resources in transparent and effective manner.


We work with the widespread network of NGO's across India to help them with required funding, organizing partnerships deals, new projects and several donations.


We channelize CSR money in upskilling youth and thereby helping society.

For partnership and all other queries regarding CSR, Contact us - info@dmcfs.in.