Being a change-maker through mentoring the workforce.

DMCFS has evolved a unique concept of Mentor + with a vision of empowering individuals to become employee as per industry and social needs which blends on-the-job training (OJT) and work experience.

Our programme is authorized by :

  • Department of Employment & Self Employment,
  • Department of Vocational Education, Higher & Technical Education

    Benefits to the students under “Mentor+” programme

    • The “Mentor+” program can be effectively applied in diverse fields like Manufacturing, I.T., Computers, Hospitality, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Retail, etc.
    • Mentor+ is authorised by Department of Self-Employment and Department of Vocation of Education.
    • Students will get stipend.
    • All the students will be insured under the Group Nagarik Suraksha Policy and Group Personal Accident Policy.
    • Students will be provided with all the necessary safety amenities as needed for job training at free of cost.
    • Subsidized canteen facilities will be given to the students as applicable while on the job training.
    • Educational qualification and Employability shall be stronger.

    Benefits to the Sponsoring Industry

    • By sponsoring the students under “Mentor+” the industry is serving the society and improving the living standards.
    • The industry, in a way is investing in it's brighter future. As after these training sessions, these industries will get much qualified work force.

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