A mission to groomed trainees

National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) was launched by GOI in 2013 with a purpose of upgrading the skills of labourer and generating employment. The mission is being implemented through the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).

The objectives of the mission are :

To offer on the job practical training to enhance employability to those who are :

  • Either pursuing his or her Diploma/Graduation/Post-Graduation in any technical or non-technical stream.
  • Who have discontinued studies after Class 10th.

NEEM facilitator

Government of India has outlined rules and eligibility format for being a NEEM Facilitator. A NEEM facilitator is the nexus between the company and student.The company/industry and the facilitators sign MOU. The facilitator, according to the company's requirement, develops the skill programs for students. This scheme does not guarantee employment and no grant is provided to the facilitator either.

Why choose DMCFS NEEM ?

  • Reasonable management and administrative charges
  • Nominal Sourcing Charges (as may be required).
  • Experience of over 11 years in designing and implementation of similar scheme.
  • Experience of over a decade in Vocational and Skill Training.
  • Expertise in HR Management.
  • State-of-Art Infrastructure, Digital Backup for better training.
  • Pool of Experienced Faculty Members.
  • Diversified Businesses and Strong Financial Base.
  • Pan India presence.
  • Crises Management Competency.
  • Supports strategic IR Development.

What benefits does an industry get?

There are numerous benefits that an industry would get. Some of them are:

  • Zero Legal Compliance.
  • Company is free from the payments like PF, ESI, Bonus etc.
  • Trainees are under the control of DMCFS, hence Company is not accountable.
  • Training Cost is drastically reduced as period of scheme is upto 36 months.
  • According to the Company’s requirement further skills can be added in the training.
  • Trainees cannot form or join Unions, hence no IR issues.
  • Companies can convert training into employment, after the culmination of training period.
  • Companies can mould Trainees as per Organizational Culture.
  • Useful to almost every Industry and Sectors.
  • Exemption from Labour Laws.
  • Get Qualified and Professional workforce at Minimal Cost.
  • Enjoy Out sourced Manpower at Optimum Cost.
  • Scheme applicable for Sr. Officers to Operators / Peons / Drivers and many other posts.




Role of the Industry :

  • Provide ‘On the Job Training’ (OJT) to trainees.
  • Payments of stipend, and incidental expenses to the trainees
  • Design suitable Skill Module for trainees.
  • Be assured of trainees’ safety, health and welfare while at Work- training.
  • Allow trainees to attend classroom training.
  • Frequent reviews and feedback to the trainees so as to improve learning.